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I made this just in case no one found my forum post. read all about why i want this right here

hebrew is a dead language

2012-01-23 19:45:20 by lalaguy

people need to get used to that. it was not revived. it is impossible to revive a dead language. once its dead its dead. im sick of people saying its spoken in israel cuz it isnt. it is studied sure, because it is a holy language. but do people use it for an everyday language? no. its not alive. stop saying it is.

lol its over 9000

2012-01-03 20:41:52 by lalaguy

a meme that will never die :P


2011-11-20 21:23:06 by lalaguy bwgU&feature=channel_video_title



2011-06-14 20:35:15 by lalaguy

am i the only one who thinks final fantasy VI is the worst game in the franchise?


2011-02-20 19:43:29 by lalaguy

i just made a post in general venting my feelings. that may sound weird but please comment! that made me very angry >:(


2011-01-28 17:54:17 by lalaguy

i've figured out (by internet) that if you delete system 32, your computer will not be operatable! so people who told me to do that, drop dead!


2011-01-04 19:26:08 by lalaguy

does anyone know how to work the cassini sega saturn emulator? if you tell me, i'll reward ya!

dumbass bitch

2010-12-20 19:27:47 by lalaguy

bully: hey you're a dumbass bitch!

kid: why i am a dumbass bitch! thank you for noticing! :D

bully: oh...ok...well im gonna go masturbate to gay porn cuz im a homosexual.

a way to defend XD